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Mary Finlayson has been working in the pet care field since 1987. Through training and apprenticing with expert trainers and participation in specialized seminars, Mary has been able to incorporate different schools of thought to develop her own unique way of positive reinforcement-style training.

With over 17 years of grooming experience acquired from apprenticing with an all-breed groomer, Mary is accomplished at all levels of grooming including mastering accurate breed-specific grooming styles for the breed-specific show ring.

We are approximatly 7 minutes from the Concord Steeplegate Mall and 3 miles from Loudon Road and Route 106.

Special Requirements

All dogs visiting our facility must be up-to-date on the following vaccinations:


  • Up to 16 weeks old: Distemper (Parvo) & Kennel Cough
  • 16 weeks and older: Distemper (Parvo), Rabies. Kennel Cough is optional for training and grooming but highly recommended. 


A copy of vaccination due dates should be presented on or before your first visit.

Kennel Cough vaccinations are not usually given unless requested. Please confirm that your dog has received a Kennel Cough vaccination.





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