Available Classes

The following is a list of available classes. A full schedule will be online soon. In the meantime, please call or stop by for schedule information. Click here to download a Training Registration Form.


$ -

$ -
Puppy1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks
Class Size: 7 students or less

$160 - Puppies 5 months and younger
Join us to learn the basics for you and you pup. We will work on chewing, potty training, sit, down, etc. Any problems you may be having training your new pup we can help!

  • Saturday Jan 23, 2016 @ 8:00 am
  • Saturday March 5, 2016 @ 9:15am
  • Private Classes
    Class Size: 1 student

    $65 - $65 per 1 hour private lesson
    Private lesson special - 3 private lessons for $150 that is a savings of $45. You must pre-book and pre-pay for all three lessons. $50 - per 1 hour private lesson for students enrolled in a 4-8 week group class that is currently in session or in the one year program
    $85 - per 1 hour in-home private lesson
    Any course level can be studied one-on-one. This is the recommended class to cover specific behavioral issues such as aggression (territorial, leash, fear, dominance, etc) towards people or other animals, food guarding or any other specific unwanted behavior you wish to address prior to participating in a group class.

    Presently enrolled students who want/need additional assistance (outside of their current class) with a particular behavior or lesson may schedule a private 1 hour session with Mary at the discounted rate of $45 per session. ONLY offered to students in a class that is currently in session.

    All private lessons are paid for when the appointment is scheduled. Our private schedule fills quickly, once you have scheduled an appointment we will save that space for you and turn away other potential clients. Because of this all private lessons are nonrefundable if cancelled or when client does not show up.

    Level I1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks
    Class Size: 6 students or less

    $160 - For dogs 5 months and over. If your dog is not friendly with other dogs or people, please contact Mary before registering for a class - some private sessions may be required. Special training collars will be provided in class for $10. Please make sure you bring cash to your first class for the collar.
    Learn all the basics and more. Topics covered include breaking common behavior problems, as well as getting and maintaining attention in regular and distracting environments. The primary focus of this class is for the dog to learn to hold all commands during distractions. Teach your dog to do a sit or down while you toss food or toys on the floor without breaking the command. Teach your dog a finish command. In this command, you will start with the dog in front and, with a movement of your hand, the dog will move to your left side in the heel position. Other exercises include calling your dog to come and sit in front of you, heeling your dog at your side with full eye contact without looking away, walking your dog on a loose lead without pulling or jumping even when dogs or people are close.

    Commands include: Sit-stay, down-stay, heel, let's go, finish/place/around, come, off (no jumping)

    These classes fill quickly. In order to reserve a space payment and a registration form must be completed. Choose one of the following start dates:
  • Tuesday December 8th @7:15pm
  • Thursday January 7th 2016 @ 6:00pm
  • Saturday January 23, 2016 @ 9:00am
  • Saturday March 5th, 2016 @ 10:30 am

    Classes will run for 1 session a week for 5 weeks. Class will be on the same day and time of the week as your class started. Some weeks may be skipped due to holidays or other events. In these situations class will be extended one or more weeks out to equal 5 sessions. In this level, classes fill quickly. We must have all your paperwork and payment before we reserve a space in class. If you are interested in a class that starts soon, we recommend that you call us to check on available spaces in class, then stop by the center to sign up. As classes fill, more dates will be added to this list.

  • Level II1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks
    Class Size: 8 students or less

    $160 -
  • Handler and dog must have graduated from a Level I basic obedience class
  • Your dog MUST be familiar with sit, down, come, place (finish/ground), heel, let's go/loose lead walk and come/front
  • This course is great for very active and sometimes silly adolescent dogs that have a difficult time working in distracting environments or who have focusing issues. You will greet other people while your dog sits politely by your side, work on better sit-stays and down-stays with distractions plus build on your basic commands from Level I, learn the use of hand signals for commands and reinforce the leave-it command. We will also be practicing heeling with out the lead but inside a building for safety. The new commands will be Leave it and back up.

    Choose one of the following start dates:
  • Saturday January 23, 2016 @ 10:30 am
  • Tuesday February 1st, 2016 @ 6 pm

    You will attend class the same day and time each week as the date you decide to start.

    CGC test:

  • TBA Please call to reserve your time slot! $12 per test.
  • Level III - Commands1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks
    Class Size: 7 students or less

    $160 - For all qualified students.
  • Dog and handler must be familiar with all concepts of Level I & II
  • Your dog must be familiar with full eye contact heeling, sit & down stays (with distractions, place (finish/around), let's go/walking on loose lead, come/front and leave-it commands.
  • This course builds on previous classes to heighten focus and control in real life situations. Some topics covered are better heeling skills with more eye contact, going to the mat to rest and working around distractions. Working on development of off-lead skills.

    Commands include: Sit-stay and down-stay (while owner leaves the room), place come, heel, mat and stand.

    Choose one of the following start dates:
  • Thursday January 21st 2016 @7:15pm
  • Canine Good Citizen in Public1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks
    Class Size: 10 students or less

    $160 - Your dog must be good around other dogs and people to take this class. They must be familiar with the basic commands from Level I - Heel, Lets go, sit, down, come, finish
    This class is completely held off sight in parks, pet friendly businesses, and on trails around the Concord area. You will learn to control you K-9 in public with maximum distraction. Learn to control your dogs around strangers, strange dogs, children, cars and more. Because we are in a public environment your dog must be good with other dogs and people. This class is not for reactive dogs.
  • In this class your dog will also learn everything he/she needs to know in order to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test which is held every few months at our facility the cost is $12.

  • Wed March 9th, 2016 @ 6 pm
  • CGC Test TBA Please contact us if you would to sign up. The cost is $12 cash the day of the test for the tester.
  • Wag It Novice Hodgepoge1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks
    Class Size: 5 students or less

    $160 - Basic commands. This class covers 4 fun activities. It is great to give you dog a chance to learn some new skills while having fun.
    Wag It! Novice Hodgepodge Class Using positive relationship-based training techniques, dogs will learn to push buttons, cross bridges, roll balls, ride scooters, heel on both sides, search for hidden scents, and much, much more! Wag It Games help to build focus, improve handlers’ training skills, provide work for “busy” dogs, and above all are just plain fun for humans and dogs! Rapidly rising in popularity, Wag It Games currently encompass seven different fun-filled activities. This novice class will introduce participants to four of those activities, Shadow Skills (sort of like rally), No Need for Speed Obstacles, Ball Skills, and the very popular Sniff It, which is a version of scentplay/nosework. After completing this Hodgepodge class, participants may elect to focus on the activities they enjoy most by taking more specialized advanced classes. (For more detailed descriptions and photos, visit the Wag It website at wagitgames.com) No purchases will be mandatory, but if people want to practice obstacles at home there will be $5- $10 of equipment they may want to invest in. Bring LOTS of treats in a treat pouch or easily accessible baggy pocket, and adjust your dog’s meals accordingly. Expect your dog to need a nap after class. Wag It is not terribly athletic, but we will be stretching their brains and dogs will be cognitively tired after a session. Prerequisite: Dogs should be able to walk on a loose leash most of the time, and know “sit” and “down.” An on leash “stay” and “come” is helpful as well. If you’d like to be even more prepared, start to work on heeling on both sides. Wag It does not permit reactive/aggressive dogs in group classes, but private lessons can be made available and are encouraged, since Wag It is very helpful training for dogs with problem issues.

  • Sunday January 24th, 2016 at 10:15am
  • Wag It TWO1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks
    Class Size: 5 students or less

    $160 - Wag It Novice Hodgepodge those who have done Wag It games before
    If you liked the Novice Hodgepodge class you will you will really LOVE Wag It TWO. This class will build on what was learned in the first Wag It class. Students will have choices on the various obstacles and shadow skill that they would like to work on. Those that would like to focus on more ball work or Nose please see the Sniff and Roll class

  • Sunday January 24th, 2016 at 9am
  • Freestyle Tricks I1 Hour(s) / Week for 6 Weeks

    $160 - Basic commands
    Teach your dog a variety of tricks. Weave through your legs, weave backward trough your legs, sideways heeling, spin, twirl, scoot, back up, roll over and lots more. If you are thinking about continuing, these tricks can be add to a routine with back ground music in Freestyle Dance class.

  • Tuesday January 26th 2016 @ 6pm
  • Freestyle Dance1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks

    $160 -
    Teach your dog different tricks to create dance moves, then put the moves to music! If you have taken the Freestyle trick this class will take you to the next step..

  • TBA
  • Agility I1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks
    Class Size: 4 students or less

    $160 - For qualified students. Handler and dog must be a Level I graduate or higher.
    Agility for fun is designed to introduce you and your dog to the fundamentals of agility, the equipment and the language, using a positive, fun and safe approach. Have fun learning the jumps, tunnels, chute, and table in this class.

    Choose from one of the following start dates: UPCOMING CLASSES
  • Tuesday December 8th @6pm
  • Tuesday Jan 26, 2016 @ 6pm
  • Remaining classes will be held each week on the same day and time.
  • Agility II1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks

    $160 - For qualified graduates of Agility I
    Practice the obstacles from Agility I. Introduce new obstacles - Seesaw, Dogwalk and Weave Poles.

  • TBA
  • Therapy Dog Training1 Hour(s) / Week for 7 Weeks
    Class Size: 8 students or less

    $190 - For qualified students ONLY. All dogs MUST be good with other dogs and people. There are no exceptions to this rule. Dogs can not be hand shy or shy in any way around people or other dogs.

    This is NOT a class for service dogs.

    $25 - Therapy Dog Introduction - Please call for upcoming dates. Not sure if your dog would be a good Therapy dog? This one day introduction will help. Bring your friendly K-9 and meet Mary Finlayson. Learn about becoming a certified Therapy Dog. What does your dog need to do? How should they act? Can they pass the test or do they need more training. If you participate you will have all the answers. Some students will need prior training before entering the Therapy Dog Class this summer. This introduction will help you decide if you will need this extra training.

    Prepare your dog to take the Therapy Dog Test (TDI test) and AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. This course covers a variety of goals to make sure that your dog will be reliable and accepting across many different situations. This course includes 4 lessons at the center and 4 real visits to nursing homes. Upon completion of this class, tests will be offered for the certification needed to work your dog in nursing homes, etc.

    TDI TEST DATES: Please see TDI Test Dates below and choose a day to take the TDI test. After a Finlayson's student has passed the TDI test, they are welcome to join the Finlayson's Visiting Therapy Dog Group or the Kids and K-9s Reading Program. Each week, you will be contacted by email on upcoming group visits to local facilities. Graduates can choose to attend the visits that fit their schedule.

    Commands include: This is not a class for service dogs. There is a difference between a service dog and a therapy dog. Service dogs are trained to stay with and aid a human handler. They must do something for their handler that the handler cannot do themselves. Example: a seeing-eye dog. These dogs do not visit with other people. The dogs are trained to pay attention mostly to the owner/handler who is in need of the service. These dogs can go into stores and other public places that other dogs cannot go. Therapy dogs are different in the sense that they are trained to do a service for others not the handler. They are there to give pleasure to other people through petting and social visits. Therapy Dog International does not allow any service dogs to be certified for therapy because service dogs are used for an entirely different purpose. Therapy dogs are not allowed in public places that other dogs are not. They can visit schools, hospitals, libraries and other facilities with the permission of the facitily. The license will provide proof to the facility that your dog is fully insured and approved by Therapy Dog International.

    Choose one of the following start dates:

  • Wednesday January 20th @ 6pm
  • Therapy Dog Test - Test Fee is $35 - Test Date is TBA
  • Carting/Sledding1 Hour(s) / Week for 6 Weeks

    $160 -
    Teach your dog the basic commands to drive carts or pull dog sleds. You will need to order a harness for your dog prior to this class starting. This is a fun class for any dog even smaller ones. You can now put all that pulling to good use! This is an outdoor class dress warm and be prepared.

  • Sunday January 10th, 2016 at 3pm
  • Disc Dog Beginner1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks
    Class Size: 10 students or less

    $160 - Dogs shoud have a good drive to retrieve
  • Mary and Deb Mardin Will teach you to throw a Frisbee
  • Learn about the types of Frisbees to purchase that are safe for your dog to catch.
  • Teach your dog to catch the Frisbee
  • Learn a few Frisbee tricks Even if your dog catches a frisbee already you can still take it to the next level with tricks.

  • All students who are interested in Disc dog will arrive at the first class at 6pm. During this first class Deb will assess your disc skills and work with all students. She will then split the class for the following weeks. Less advanced students will come at 6 and more advanced students will come at 7.
  • . This class will run the same as above.
  • spring 2016
  • Disc Dog II Novice1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks
    Class Size: 8 students or less

    $160 - Disc Dog beginner. Your dog need to know how to catch the disc and you should know the different types of disc throws.
    Now ir's time for tricks. Learn the art of vaulting. Teach your dog to jump off your back for the disc, jump into your arms and off your leg for the disc. We will introduce ball work in this class and really get into those cool tricks.

  • All students who are interested in Disc dog will arrive at the first class at 6pm. During this first class Deb will assess your disc skill and work with all students. She will then split the class for the following weeks. Less advanced students will come at 6 and more advanced students will come at 7.
  • spring 2016
  • Leash Walking1 Hour(s) / Week for 3 Weeks
    Class Size: 8 students or less

    $95 - Dogs must be good with their basic commands. Attending a level I class prior to the Leash Walking Class is suggested but not required.
    Having trouble walking your dog?
  • Does your dog pull you down the street?
  • Do you get dragged to meet people or other animals?
  • Feel like you have no control?
  • Want to take your dog more places but you feel embarrassed by his/her poor leash skills?
  • Then this is a class for you. This class takes place in on trails and locations in downtown Concord. Learn about different types of walking collars and other tools that will minimize pulling and bad behaviors. Gain control and feel confident taking your dog out in public. Summer is coming and this is a great class to get ready for those family outtings.

  • Call or look for upcoming date.
  • Off Lead1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks
    Class Size: 8 students or less

    $160 - For all qualified students.
  • Handler and dog must be proficient with all Level I concepts.
  • Your dog must have good obedience skills and be PROFICIENT with full eye contact heeling, sit & down stays (with distractions), place (finish/around), let's go/walking on a loose lead and come/front commands.
  • ADDING MAXIMUM distractions. A primary goal of this class is to make your dog more reliable off lead across a variety of situations. Class will held at trails in and around the Concord area in order to ad all types of distractions in different environments.

    Commands include: Off-lead skills (heeling and recall), dropping on command, even when in the middle of a recall, using only hand signals, full attention and following of directions when you are out of your dog's sight. The following commands will be learned
  • Wait - Dog stops and waits for owner to catch up
  • Whistle - Blow a whistle and the dog returns to tag the owners hand
  • Come - Dog comes and sits in front of the owner
  • Heel and Finish - After Coming when called the dog moves to the owners left side and walks by the owners side as they pass other people and dogs. This is done without a leash in the owners hand.

    The following dates are intro dates to Off Lead. Choose one of the dates and times to start. After you take the intro class, Off Lead will run every Wednesday at 6pm through the summer(September). You may choose any 4 additional times to come at 6pm. During your first class you will learn all the commands we will be using on the trails. You will then receive a list of all the dates and places we will be going to. You will then let us know which classes you would like to attend. You will also be able to purchase additional classes.
  • Sunday Sept 13th at 11am will be the intro to the class. This will be at White's Park. All classes after that will run on Sundays until October 18th.
  • Wednesday night classes will end August 26th. Any Wednesday students that would like to join in on the Sunday classes can do so if they still have classes to take. Also if you have fulfilled your 5 classes you can still join for $20.
  • Sniff and Roll1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks
    Class Size: 4 students or less

    $160 -
    Come join Lissa Hasler who will be teaching this fun new class. Sniff, Roll, and Wag It! The nose knows! This class will teach your dogs to use their noses for two different purposes – to sniff out hidden odors and to push a ball. The class will focus primarily on “Sniff It,” a division of Wag It games. (“Wag It” is an exciting venue for people and dogs who want to have fun together.) Using what comes naturally, your dog will learn to locate specific odors hidden around the search area and alert you to their “find.” Dogs love this game and any breed can be successful. It’s a wonderful way for all dogs to express their natural instincts and can be a very valuable outlet for high drive dogs who need more work. This class is geared for beginners but can also accommodate more challenging hides for more experienced noses, so dogs with previous scentplay experience are welcome. As time allows, we’ll also be starting foundation work for “Dog Ball,” another Wag It game where your dog can learn to push a ball around a course and through a series of gates. For more info on Sniff It, Dog Ball and other Wag It activities, check out the website: wagitgames.com

  • Sunday January 24th, 2016 at 11:45am
  • Rally Novice1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks

    $160 - For qualified students. Handler and dog must be a Level I graduate or better.
    For competition or for fun, Rally is K-9 obedience with a twist in this new sport where there are a series of stations that are approached by the dog and handler. Simply complete the obedience exercise at the station and move on to the next. This is a great sport for kids and adults alike.

    Choose from the following dates:
  • Tuesday September 22 at 6pm
  • Rally Advanced/Excellent 1 Hour(s) / Week for 5 Weeks

    $160 - For qualified students.
  • Dogs and students must be proficient with Novice Rally-O signs
  • All dogs must be proficient with basic off-lead competition obedience commands, especially the heel command
  • This class will cover the Rally Advanced and Excellent level signs and stations. Prepare for the next level of competition or simply to enhance the bond you already share with your K-9.

    Choose from the following dates:
  • Sunday January 10th, 2016 at 4:30pm
  • Show Handling1 Hour(s) / Week for 1 Weeks
    Class Size: 7 students or less

    $15 -

  • $5 for a second dog with the same handler-PLEASE bring a crate to put any additional dogs in.
  • This class is intended for those who want to brush up on their skills and practice with their dog in the show ring. This class is great for both children and adults interested in Show Handling.
  • Note: Always check our website the day of the class to make sure that it is not cancelled for snow or any other reason. If class is cancelled we will note this next to the class date at least two hours prior to the class starting.Because we are limited in space you must call to reserve your space in class.

    Please call to sign up for the dates that you would like to come
  • dates TBA soon.
  • Please call for upcoming dates (603) 961-0055
  • Swimming Lessons1 Hour(s) / Week for 1 Weeks

    $30 -
    Come teach your dog how to swim.This is a one to one and a half hour swim class. Choose frome one of the dates below to join us. If we have hard rain students we come to the next date availble. This is a one time class but can be retaken if your dog still needs help.

  • Class will start back up in the spring, check back for dates!