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Do you have a naughty puppy/dog?

  • People aggression?  
  • Dog aggression?
  • Leash aggression?
  • Potty issues?
  • Chewing?
  • Seperation anxiety?
  • Barking?


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bodybullet.gifTraining Goals

Mary's training technique encourages your dog to learn and retain information. Whether your dog is dominant/aggressive or submissive/shy, she will work with you and your dog to determine the most effective and appropriate plan for the issues at hand and continue to work with you through a long-term maintenance plan.

Mary's goal is to help dogs and their owners communicate and coexist in harmony.

bodybullet.gifClass Information

Classes are small and semi-private, consisting of three to seven students in lower level classes, providing your pet with the individual attention it deserves. Even the advanced classes are kept small, typically with up to eight students.

Training is held conveniently on weeknights and Sundays to encourage the attendance of all family members. Private classes are available by appointment on most days.

We offer over 15 different types of classes. Please Click on the red "CLICK HERE" to the left of this page just under the dog. You will be able to view a full list of all the courses, fees and dates that they are starting.

                                    DOGGIE PLAYGROUP

"NEW"  Free playgroups are now offered on Saturdays. These playgroup are free for Finlayson's students. Students must be enrolled in a 3 or more week course or a one year program. All other dog owners must pre-register, provide a vaccine history and a fecal screan by their vet. The playgroup fee is $10. ALL Dogs MUST be 100% Friendly with other dogs and people to attend. Please see the class schedule for dates and times.

                        THE MOST TRAINING FOR YOUR MONEY

"NEW"  One full year of dog training for ONLY $650. Take as many group classes as you would like for a 12 month period. Classes include: Puppy I, Level I, Level II, Level III, Agility, Rally O and Therapy Dog, Growl Class and walks, Kids Club, Tricks, Handling and free play groups for friendly dogs. One Year excludes grooming, specialty classes that are not taught by Mary, one day seminars and privates. SIGN UP NOW! This offer is for a limited time only!

                Disc Dogging with Angelo Marinakis

 Angelo Marinakis is a founder of Green Mountain Disc Dogs, a disc dog club in Burlington, Vermont dedicated to promoting fun, fellowship and the expansion of the human-canine bond through the sport of canine disc. He is also the founder of Supernova Disc Dogs, an education and entertainment company offering high flying canine disc demonstrations and growth stimulating canine disc training workshops.  

 Angelo is a four time US Disc Dog National Finalists, a 2009 USDDN World Finalist, a 2010 USDDN World Finals third place champion, 2009 and 2010 Vermont State Champion in Freestyle and 2010 Overall Vermont State Champion.  His team of Australian Shepherds – Stanley, Fire and Mojo perform regularly at Smuggler’s Notch Resort, Vermont Lake Monsters Minor League Baseball Club and for the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL. A former high school teacher, Angelo is a family wellness chiropractor practicing in Colchester and Cambridge, VT. He lives in South Hero, VT with his wife Christine and their pack of 5 dogs.

                                Beginner Disc Dog 

 The purpose of this 3 hour workshop will be to introduce canine disc to participants as a safe, fun and positive way to exercise their dog and build a one of a kind working relationship with their canine companion(s). By the end of the workshop, participants will have a better understanding of: 

·         The equipment of the game

·         Safety considerations regarding playing conditions, surface, disc placement and canine health issues.

·         How to throw a disc using a variety of releases.

·         How to use the game of disc to positively build drive and focus in their dog.

·         How to play a variety of foundational disc games with their dog.

·         What the general rules of canine disc competition are. This workshop will offer both group and one on one learning opportunities.


                    Intermediate Disc Dog 

 Objectives:      -     improve canine tracking and retrieval skills

-          introduce and refine freestyle moves for human and canine

-          introduce routine building concepts

-          develop advanced throwing skills



  1. First run of dogs. Observe the current level of each team and note new skills they are ready for and how they can improve their current skill set.
  2. Throwing skills. Introduction and refinement of the following releases:

-          Forehand

-          Sidearm

-          Butterfly

-          Air brush

-          Air bounce

-          Thumb release

  1. Introduction of freestyle tricks – execution and linking of moves:

-          Coordinated movement

-          Body overs

-          Passing moves

-          Flips

-          Multiples

-          Vaulting

-          Directional patterns

  1. Second run of dogs. Application of selected new skills and feedback for further training.
  2. Throwing for distance – group instruction and practice.
  3. Third run of dogs – individual instruction on improving tracking, catching and retrieval during single disc play.

 Please see our class schedule for more dates and times as well as registration information.



ü  Payment in full is required at registration and to guarantee your space in class. 

  ü  Proof of current vaccinations is required at the time of registration and it is the owner’s responsibility for updating Finlayson’s with any vaccination updates during the registered timeframe.  Finlayson’s reserves the right to disallow any student from any class if current vaccinations are not provided or are not updated timely. 

ü  Once registered, all monies are non-refundable for any reason. Monies are non-transferable for any reason without an additional fee(please see additional fees below) This policy is Including but not limited to pet/owner relocation, pet/owners illness, pet re-homing, loss of interest, loss of pet, owner’s personal schedule conflicts, ect.  (we recommend if you are considering signing up for a class that you thoroughly review your personal schedule with the various class schedules in advance.  

ü  If the dog is re-homed, classes are not transferrable to the new owners. 

ü  Illness  - Do not bring any dog to class that is sick. Have your dog checked out by a vet before returning to class.

Additional Fees:   

ü   (PLEASE take careful note of your personal schedule before registering for a class)  Because we will turn potential students away (if a class is full) all classes are non-transferrable to other dates and times for any reason. Transfer requests will be billed as follows:

 ü  Incomplete classes / missed class days: Classes that were registered for but not started or completed may be retaken for an additional fee of $15 per class day as a drop-in.  This will ONLY be permitted in a group class that does not fill prior to the day before the class starts. If you have only missed the last 2 class days of a 6 week course you will only have to take those two class days for a total of $30 additional fee..

 If you would like to join a class that has just started or if you have to miss a class you can choose to schedule a 1hr private session for a discounted rate of $35 to make up the missed lesson. The student may also choose to receive the homework sheet and work on the material independently until the next weekly lesson.